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“I’ve always had a natural talent for understanding sales”

Some people, may not understand why they aren’t seeing the results they want with their company. For me, it’s easy to identify where and why in the process clients leave. Throwing up a bunch of pretty graphics or cool content won’t make sales happen. You need to have a flow set up. For example, where clients start, they may find you on social media, then click a link to a website, then flow through the pages to the sale. There must be an end goal with every piece of content and every page. Everything must be on brand, and real to the client. Give me a call, you’ll be surprised how quickly I can see the path forward for your business.

About me

My Story

My Senior Year in High School I joined the FBLA club. It’s Future Business Leaders of America. In the very first class, everyone wrote someone’s name on a piece of paper to put in the hat as a vote for the President of the Club. I was so nervous to put my own name on the slip of paper. I thought, oh my gosh how embarrassing this will be when she reads these papers, and my slip is the only one with my name on it. But immediately after that thought, I wrote my own name down and threw it in the hat. 

  Every single paper she pulled out of the hat had my name on it. I was so surprised, there were people in my class I didn’t even know.

  Looking back that was a defining moment for me, not because I was unanimously voted in, but because my reaction to self-doubt was to bet on myself regardless of possible embarrassment and that being a leader was something that others recognized in me.

What does it mean to me, to be a leader?

“Serving the people around me”

In what ways do you serve the people around you?

  “I serve the people I work with by helping people reach their potential at work and at home. Balance is important. There are many skills needed to succeed in every aspect of life.”


What We Can Do For You

We offer high-quality websites. The reason you should join the Devils Ridge Marketing company is that your growth is unlimited with us. We build your online presence from the ground up, so you never encounter technology limitations that will force you to change web design companies to handle your growth.


We are available to help you meet new market challenges for your business.


We know your success is our success. 


Good marketing ideas are brought to life when artistic design and technology are brought together. We have a talented team to make that process happen from start to finish.


We are focused on creating success. Work with a company that understands a successful mindset. We understand the law of attraction. 

From Our Founder

Lets create success

” I make the most of each day by living in the moment. I believe in a positive mindset. I stay focused on making improvements continuously in every aspect of my life. There is power in positive thinking and positive interactions. My focus is to manifest success in my own life. I enjoy seeing that positive power flow into the projects and people I interact with through Devils Ridge Marketing.”


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