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Custom Homes, Springtown Texas

DnL Design

Dnl Design had been in the business for a long time when we met. This company wanted a website to help support their existing business that was mostly word of mouth. Now, people looking for a custom home contractor can easily find them on Google search. The online presence supports the reputation of this company and beautifully showcases the quality craftsmanship of their work.

Drywall Company

EZ Drywall

When we met with Mike & Jen about a site, they already had a website up. They felt like their site design was old and had a hard time getting their current marketing company to even respond to any messages. Mike and Jen were long-time friends so we decided to get something nice done  We ended up creating a whole new brand and website. Jen contacted us only 2 weeks after the new site was up to let us know that the new site had already brought in more leads than the old site had in years.

Every site needs to have an overall goal. For EZ Drywall, we identified that goal was just simply getting potential clients to request a free bid. So we set the site up with a clean “easy to look at design”, and a form that was easy for people to send off to Mike and Jen with their name, number, and address. When Jen gets a copy of the submitted form off the website, they are able to call the customer and schedule one of their guys to go visit the property and give the customer a free bid on their project. The only problem we had, was that we had to go back in and clarify which counties EZ Drywall was serving because they were getting bid requests from too far away.


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